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No more Lead Generating Cheeseweasels!

Team SHED are proud to support Maplebrook’s future pipeline with leads that support their growth today and tomorrow.

The fact Maplebrook are great people to work with is an added bonus!


"We love working with SHED Social!

✔ Creativity

✔ Accountability
Efficient reporting (no-nonsense statistics)

Transparency in displaying ROI"

"...when you combine all of the above, what we really love is the RESULTS we get when we work with SHED, we get tangible results and can scale our budgets up or down depending on what we need to achieve.

SHED recently increased our virtual attendance figures by 2700%"

“765 leads in 4 weeks, I expect to see at least 40 closings from that.”

Mortgage Bank - New York, USA

Private Medical

Team SHED love working with this Private Clinic getting great enquiries from potential patients who deserve the best possible care.



Mortgage Broker, uk

This client wants to grow their business with a consistent and high quality volume of leads - they were using Bark and Unbiased and paying roughly £30 per lead - shared between many other brokers.

The leads we generate are not only Exclusive, but are warmed up leads that actively want to be in contact.

Private Clinic - UK

This client has big expansion plans, and therefore needs a reliable source of new customers. Roughly 45% of these leads became paying customers, and the average value of a customer is over £3,500. From this set of leads costing less than £1000, the client billed over £80,000.

estate planner - uk

This client has huge plans for growth. Unfortunately their previous lead supplier was charging £45+ per lead, and they were very poor quality.

Step in Team SHED - 120+ leads for less than £20 each. 35% appointment booking ratio, and one happy client, who is now making money from digital lead generation!

“It’s working - the leads keep flowing - the team are loving it, and its very profitable. So far this month we’ve spent £2,200 on leads and we’ve signed up 4 new customers, which is worth about £12 - £15,000 to us.”

Financial Advisor - Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

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