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What Are the Top 3 Reasons That Customers Choose Their Estate Planners?

What Are the Top 3 Reasons That Customers Choose Their Estate Planners?

June 11, 20242 min read

Understanding why customers choose a specific estate planner can help you tailor your services and marketing strategies to attract more clients of the type you want to deal with.

Here are the top three reasons customers decide to work with a particular estate planner:

Reason 1: Trust

Trust is a critical factor when clients select an estate planner. Estate planning involves sensitive and personal matters, so clients need to feel confident that their planner is competent and trustworthy. You'll be nodding as it sounds so obvious - but do you ensure you DEMONSTRATE this to people who don't know you at all?

Building Trust:

  • Showcase your expertise through educational content like blog posts and videos.

  • Display customer reviews and testimonials prominently on your website.

  • Share case studies that highlight successful outcomes for clients.

Demonstrating Competence:

  • Keep your qualifications and credentials up to date and visible.

  • Regularly update your knowledge on estate planning laws and best practices.

Reason 2: Location

Local Estate Planners

Clients often prefer local estate planners for convenience and a sense of community. They feel more comfortable knowing they can easily meet in person.

Highlight Local Presence:

  • Emphasise your local roots and involvement in the community on your website and marketing materials.

  • Offer home visits and flexible meeting options to accommodate clients' needs.

Leveraging Local Connections:

  • Partner with local businesses and community organisations to increase your visibility.

  • Participate in local events and seminars to establish your presence as a community expert.

Reason 3: Personal Connection

The personal connection between the estate planner and the client is another significant factor. Clients want to work with someone they like and feel comfortable with.

Creating Content:

  • Use blogs, videos, and social media to share your personality and values.

  • Let clients get to know you before they meet you in person.

Effective Communication:

  • Ensure your communication is friendly, professional, and responsive.

  • Be available to answer questions and provide reassurance throughout the estate planning process.

Trust, location, and personal connection are the top reasons clients choose their estate planners. By highlighting these areas, you can attract more clients and build stronger relationships.

Want to learn more about attracting local clients to your estate planning business? Book a call with SHED Social to get expert advice tailored to your needs.

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