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The not-so-secret recipe for the perfect ad campaign

October 8, 2018

Let’s get straight to it. The answer you’re looking for? It’s retargeting. Pair your perfect ad with a retargeting strategy, and you’re well on your way to skipping into the sunset of success.

But why is it so important? Well, because without it, the right people are unlikely to ever react to your ad.

Think about it. The average person is bombarded by hundreds of ads both online and offline, all day, every day. After your fiftieth pre-video YouTube ad of the morning, you’re pretty likely to be feeling sceptical and disillusioned with ads, not to mention busy with whatever you’re meant to be doing instead of watching YouTube videos (don’t worry, we’re the same). Even if you see the best advert ever, the likelihood of you reacting to it the first time you see it is very low, and after a few minutes (and another cat compilation), you’ll probably have completely forgotten about it.

But when you’re on the other side of the marketing world as the creator rather than the customer, you might not take this into consideration. When you’ve just spent all your time and effort ensuring your creative is perfect, the copy resonates with the audience and that the balance of CTAs and information is just right, you’ll be convinced that your ad will capture the ideal audience the second you set it live. Your audience will drop whatever they’re doing straight away, right?

(Spoiler alert: no.)

The perfect ad is just half the recipe for the perfect campaign. If you want to acquire your ideal customer, then you have to butter them up first. After all, out of the millions upon millions of adverts out there, why should they react to yours?

The first ad your potential customer sees, otherwise known as the lead magnet, is pivotal to start the process, but it’s not necessarily the key to success – it’s the gateway. It’s vital to making a good first impression, and it’s only once you’ve made this all-important first impression that you can start capturing their interest for real, and that’s done through retargeting, retargeting and retargeting.

(We’re big fans of retargeting, in case you’ve not noticed.)

Now, your strategy for retargeting will vary depending on your business sector or area of expertise. E-commerce needs to hit customers quickly with product-related ads shortly after viewing said product – those shoes you saw yesterday didn’t just pop into your newsfeed by divine interference, y’know. This step alone can increase sales by 70%, and further steps will soon lead to loyal, longstanding customers.

If you’re aiming to generate leads, gather information or boost bookings, then your retargeting should consist of reasons to trust your business. If you’re able to demonstrate credibility, you will give your potential customer the extra nudge they need to take the plunge and give your business go. If a person has taken the trouble to look at your website, react to your ad or show any sort of interest in your business, you need to keep talking to that person. Keep building a relationship with them through specially targeted ads until they are ready to engage. This is their buying cycle, and customers should be spoken to differently depending on where they are in this cycle.

It sounds simple when you break it down like this, but it’s vital you remember that a watertight strategy is key for mastering the art of retargeting (ooh, there’s our favourite word again!). If you’d like Shed Social to review your strategy, or create a new one for you, then book a call with one of us. We promise we won’t mention retargeting more than once per minute.

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