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Shed Social is a group of specialists and creatives who are dedicated to creating memorable campaigns, increasing brand presence and turning today’s leads into tomorrow’s customers – all on Facebook.

We’ve been managing Facebook ads since 2015, and in January 2018 we joined an exclusive closed community of Facebook marketers from across the world that allows us to tap into specialist knowledge covering all types of businesses’ needs. This collaboration gives us the ability to share ideas, test techniques, troubleshoot and perfect any new campaigns so that when we present them to you, we can happily confirm that they’ve been tried and tested by over a hundred and fifty other Facebook specialists.

We’re also made aware of major updates and changes weeks or even months before Facebook officially alerts the rest of its userbase, meaning your campaigns will always be ahead of any of your competitors’ marketing.

Embryologist, CRGW

Marketing Manager, Discount Pram Centre

Dealership Owner, Berkeley Vale Motors


"Your Facebook ads got us 104 leads this month, which are worth at least £98k to us. Thank you!"

Joan Hendricks, recruitment agent

"I just took a look at the car sales this week, and six of them were the ex-demo cars you promoted on Facebook for us. That's £100k's worth of sales for less than £200 ad spend!"

Gary, dealer principal

"We're snowed under - we genuinely don't have enough people to answer all the phone calls we're getting!"

Lyndon Miles, clinician

"The store location ad you ran last week worked so well! We've had a fantastic week and sales are way up."

Aled Rees, store manager

"Fantastic training yesterday morning. I learnt a lot of useful things!"

Helen Rose, photographer

Case Study

Specialist Private Healthcare Brand

Overview: Campaign to achieve behaviour change at regional level, to halt the decline in sperm donors in the UK.
Shed’s campaigns were designed to highlight the sense of achievement donors feel, in a similar way to blood donors, rather than traditional payment-based schemes. The donors feel a sense of achievement from helping those in need.

Shed campaigns are achieving high rates of response, with daily enquiries from men who want to help – with no financial recompense to them. This change in behaviour was achieved through Facebook ads highlighting the benefits of giving, helping and creating families for others.
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) = x570

Case Study

Car Dealership

Overview: New car sales in the motoring sector during 2019 is in decline, producing a competitive market for all new car retailers.
Test scheme conducted for a low volume car brand during 2019 through a pilot dealership starting with a market share (sales) of 3.4% against a market expectation of 3.8%.

Through consistent campaigns from Shed the dealership is currently at market share of 16% – the highest of all brands in surrounding area including high volume brands.

National development teams at brand level have commissioned work based on this result to drive results UK wide.

Case Study

AeroSpace Client

Overview: International campaign delivering prospective clients in niche technology space for innovative aviation technology launch. E.G. Delivering advertising to specific job roles and demographics such as Air Traffic Control and Flight Planners on a global scale. Activities included Geo fencing specific attendees at events including Dubai Airshow, DigitalSky Challenge, Madrid and Australian Airports Association national conference.

Facebook Advertising Industry standard response rate =1%
Shed Social response rate confirmed @ +5%

Case Study

Discount Pram Centre

Overview: Discount Pram Centre specialises in prams/strollers/car seats. They do NOT sell online, they sell in store only. Prices range from £329 – £899 per pram.

The business is 12 years old and had previously been Marketing themselves using Radio, and newspapers and some Google AdWords. They hadn’t done a lot of Facebook ads, and any activity had been managed in house. They felt it was a revenue stream they were missing out on and wanted an expert to manage this for them. In March 2018 they engaged Shed Social to manage their Facebook ads for them.

Our brief was to drive people in to the store, as they don’t sell online, so footfall was the goal. We tested a variety of audiences for them, until we found the most efficient audience to engage with. We then ran a series of in-store promotions and events to drive footfall into the store, awareness campaigns to promote new items of stock, and most recently we have been running a messenger campaign to promote the prices they have for certain branded packages. This has been the most successful campaign to date, generating 1100 enquiries about specific products during January 2019. Their closing ratio of enquiries to customers is roughly 30%.

The most significant change for them: In October 2018, they shifted all their marketing budget away from Radio and Newspapers onto Facebook Marketing.

B2B Lead Generation statistics for Discount Pram Centre – 681 Landing Page views

Messenger Campaign statistics for Discount Pram Centre – Product £649

B2B Lead Generation statistics for Shed Social – cheap cost per clicks


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